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Travelinfo Plus

Travelinfo Plus (incorporating City Alerts), is a comprehensive information website aimed at Southern African travel agents. It consists of over 315 city guides in 162 countries, an alert service that warns and informs, customs regulations and business etiquette information for Africa. Information is presented in a concise, easy-to-read format, ready to be emailed to your clients.

As a value-added service, agents are also able to download visa application forms for over 70 countries. Other features include: Quick Guide to airline info, Global Weather, Currency Converter and Time Zones. Travelinfo Plus is a valuable contributor to your business as it encourages goodwill and promotes repeat business.

Travelinfo Workshops

Travelinfo Workshops (TIWO) is an online training solution that enables tourist offices and travel suppliers to train travel agents on their destinations and products. Self-paced training that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, agents recieve a certificate for every workshop completed and also earn ‘TIWO POINTS’. Agents can become 5-star agents based on continued education. The points system is also being implemented by some consortiums/agencies as part of their KPA’s.

Travelinfo Surveys

Traditional methods of gathering information are time consuming and can be an extremely costly exercise. Travelinfo provides the platform and audience, getting your survey out to the industry in a cost-effective manner.

Travelinfo Surveys Online is the smart way to receive input from the South African travel trade, empowering your business with valuable feedback. Understand needs and trends as they relate to your product – it’s easy and cost effective.


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