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Two people near water and kayaks.Above: Colorado River

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In Nevada, it’s about the journey before the destination. From all-to-yourself highways and dirt-road horizons to cowboys and counterculture, Nevada has always been about taking the road less traveled.

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Blur the line between wander and wonder.

The best way to explore this incredible place is by car. And lucky for you, as the road trip capital of the U.S., we’ve perfected some of our favorite routes to share with you. Routes that really show our true colors. This is the otherworldly frontier of Nevada, USA. An alluring landscape home to lively parks—the ones without themes. And wide-open roads—the ones without boundaries.

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48 million acres of space to be your rad self.

Visit Nevada for the golden-hour ghost towns, intriguing attractions and far-out art; stay for the cafe classics, sagebrush saloons, and surprising scenery. Nevada offers let’s-see-what-happens adventure everywhere you look, and touring NV is the best way to explore it. Find your own Nevada adventure. Places to Go Things To Do Nevada Inspirations

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