Sale! Vivilink Mirror Dash Cam 4K Car DVR Driving Recorder Touch Screen GPS Rear View Camera Voice Control 24h Parking Monitor Night

Vivilink Mirror Dash Cam 4K Car DVR Driving Recorder Touch Screen GPS Rear View Camera Voice Control 24h Parking Monitor Night


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We will sent the brand Vivilink and Vantop in random.

All function and the specification are the same. If you can't accept, please do not place orders.

Thanks for your understanding.

Vivilink Mirror Dash Cam Full Touch Screen Rear View Camera Waterproof Super Night Vision Voice Control GPS G-Sensor Loop Recording 24H Parking Monitor

UHD 4K, Stunning Details

Front camera, adopted Sony Starvis IMX415(HF12TQ), captures native 4K UHD (3840 x 2160@30fps) footage with stunning details than ever. License plates in distance that are unreadable in 1080P or other resolutions are very crisp in 4K video.(HF09MQ is 1080P, VXE10MQ & HF10MQ & HF12MQ is 2.5K,HF12TQ is 4K)

Sony Sensor, Super Night Vision

Industry-leading Sony 4K sensor IMX415(HF12TQ), achieving an outstanding low-light performance 3.3 times higher than conventional 4K-resolution sensor, captures crisp clear night time video footage in low-light condition.

12” IPS Display, View More on Road

12” screen display offers wider horizontal field of view than 10” screen, which enables you to monitor more traffic information on the road while driving. Stylish-looking 2.5D curved glass screen fits almost all kinds of car models. (HF12MQ HF12TQ is12'', VXE10MQ HF10MQ HF09MQ is10'')

Voice Control

Speak to the dash cam to control it instead to touch the screen ,free you hand ,making safer during the driving.includVideo start/Stop,Lock the Video,Take a photo,Turn off/on screen,Turn on/off audio,Show both camera,Show front/rear camera.)(Only HF12MQ & HF12TQ & VXE10MQ)

GPS Tracking, Extra Driving Info Recorded

GPS signal receiver keeps track of your vehicle’s location and driving speed. When videos are played on computer, a simultaneous Google map view will show your vehicle’s location, driving route and driving speed.(Only HF12MQ & HF12TQ)

Parking Assist, Safely Parking

When your car is put into reverse, the 12” full touch screen will display the rear view with parking guidelines to help you park safely. (To use this function, the red wire of the rear camera should be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light)

Dual Cams, All-around Protection

Driving with peace of mind with this 2-channel dash cam. 170° front cam and 160° rear cam record simultaneously to give maximum protection for your car. Voice-activated technology makes display easily switched among front camera view, backup camera view, and view from both cameras.


Lock the important footage for around 20s when encountering an impact and the locked video will not be overwritten, always ready to restore accident scenes when you need them most. Make your safety and legal rights under protection at every moment.

A flashing yellow dot on the upper left corner and a yellow progress bar on the bottom will be displayed when recording a locked video.

The different G-sensor sensitivity of collision detection could be adjusted. You can select from Low, Middle, High, and OFF as needed.

Loop Reacording

Continuously recording, the mirror dash cam is always ready in an instant, as the oldest videos will be replaced by the newest videos when the memory card is full. Important clips can be locked and will not be overwritten, you won't miss a single frame on the road.

The recording time for each video could be changed. The recording time is set to be 1 minute by default, and you can choose from 1MINS, 3MINS, and 5MINS.
NOTE: Please prepare a Class 10 memory card and format

G-sensor for Parking Monitor

Secure your car at every moment. With parking monitor function enabled, if any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, the dash cam will wake up and begin recording a video of 20 seconds. Long time parking function will need a dash cam hardwire kit. (VJ9HQ Buck Line)

Packing List

12'' Dash Cam*1(HF12TQ/HF12MQ) or 10'' Dash Cam(VXE10MQ / HF10MQ/HF09MQ)

Car Charger*1

Rear Camera Kit(23ft)*1

GPS Antenna*1(onlyHF12TQ/HF12MQ)

Rubber Mounting Straps*4

3M Tapes for Rear Camera*2


Cleaning Cloth*1

Easy Pry Tool*1

User Manual*1

VJ9HQ Dash Cam Buck Line Hard Wire Kit


Input Voltage: DC12V/24

Output Voltage: 5V-2.5A

MaxWorking Temperature: -40~160°F

Over-current Protection: 2.5A

Low Voltage Protection: 11.6V±0.2/23.5V±0.2

Connector Type: Mini USB

Cable Length: 3.5M/11.5F

Package List

1 x Hardwire Kit

4 x Fuse Tap

4 x Blade Fuse

1 x Easy Pry Tool

1 x Quick Guide

  • TIPS
    1)We strongly recommend the professional installation of the Hardwire Kit.
    2)Please make sure the ignition is off before installing the Hardwire Kit.
    3)Carefully utilize the tool to test and check the polarity and grounding before confirming the installation.
    4)For safety reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not use any fuse slot used by any of your vehicle's critical components, such as the Air Bags.

    Installation Steps
    Step 1: Connect the Yellow Wire of the Hardwire Kit with one type of Fuse Taps that your vehicle requires.
    Step 2: Connect the Fuse Tap to the positive terminal of your Constant Fuse Slot.
    Step 3: Connect the Red Wire of the Hardwire Kit to the positive terminal of the ACC Fuse Slot in the Fuse Box. ACC Fuse Slot only has power when the ignition is on.
    Step 4: Crimp the Black Wire and screw it down to any non-costed metal bolt/screw in your vehicle to ground it.
    Step 5: Connect the Mini USB connector of the Hardwire Kit to the Mini USB input of your Dash Camera, and then the installation is completed.


Specification: Vivilink Mirror Dash Cam 4K Car DVR Driving Recorder Touch Screen GPS Rear View Camera Voice Control 24h Parking Monitor Night