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21 Jul 2020

Roughly rectangular in shape and with a population of around ten million people, Portugal has much to offer the modern visitor – young and old alike.

Ericeira - Portugal

Central Portugal

21 Jul 2020

Perched on a high cliff facing the Atlantic, just 10 km west of Mafra, the pretty fishing town of Ericeira metamorphoses into a lively holiday resort during the summer months, […]

Baixa - Lisbon

Lisbon Region

8 Jul 2020

Forming a perfect grid around three main parallel streets, the bustling Baixa district of downtown Lisbon is the beating heart of the Portuguese capital.

Alcobaça - Portugal

Central Portugal

29 Jun 2020

Located 120 km (about an hour’s drive) due north of Lisbon, the church and adjacent monastery of Alcobaça are the earliest examples of truly Gothic architecture in Portugal.

Golf - Portugal


26 Jun 2020

Whilst visiting Portugal, golfers can immerse themselves in their favourite sport and complement their trip with all the wonderful things you’d expect from one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Loulé - Portugal

Southern Portugal

24 Jun 2020

Located just 15 km to the north-west of the city of Faro lies the bustling market town of Loulé, the beating heart of a thriving agricultural area in the eastern Algarve.

Cetóbriga Roman Ruins - Portugal

Lisbon Region

23 Jun 2020

Facing the sheltered Sado Estuary south of Lisbon,  the old Roman port city of Cetóbriga was engulfed by the sea following a huge earthquake and subsequent tidal waves in 412 […]

Azores - Portugal


15 Jun 2020

With its deep valleys, stunning crater lakes, hot volcanic springs and lush green vistas, the Azores is an island destination like no other.

Lisbon - Portugal

Lisbon Region

13 Jun 2020

Much in vogue and the destination of choice for many, Lisbon is several cities in one, each of a distinctive style and character.

Monserrate - Sintra

Lisbon Region

7 Jun 2020

On the road to Colares, just 2 km west of the historic village of Sintra and a short drive from Lisbon, lies the delightful Palace of Monserrate, one of the […]

Golf - Portugal

26 Jun 2020 / MWH

Caravel - Portugal

4 Jun 2020 / MWH

Best views of Lisbon

25 Apr 2020 / MWH

Falconry - Portugal

24 Apr 2020 / MWH


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