Malaysia Travel Guide – Tourism Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Icon Kuala Lumpur

A metropolitan city – modern cosmopolitan sophistication and nostalgic old world charm.

Penang Icon Penang

An island with rich multicultural history full of colonial heritage and Chinese influence.

Redang Island Icon Pulau Redang

One of nine islands that form a protected marine park, and it offers excellent diving and snorkeling.

Pulau Pangkor Icon Pulau Pangkor

A tranquil island with white sandy beaches and charming fishing villages will enthrall you.

Langkawi Icon Langkawi

Pristine rainforests, caves with stunning stalactites and beautiful beaches washed by clear emerald waters.

Mount Kinabalu Icon Mount Kinabalu

The tallest mountain between New Guinea and the Himalayas and reigns over an astonishing variety of scenery.

Genting Highlands Icon Genting Highlands

If you are looking to spend some quiet time to relax, this may not be the ideal vacation location especially during peak season.

Frasers Hill Icon Fraser’s Hill

Of all the hill stations, Fraser’s Hill retains colonial charm, and is a quiet and relatively undeveloped place.

Endau Rompin Icon Endau Rompin Park

Imagine trekking through isolation for centuries and waking up in the morning greeted by the timeless sounds of the forest.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Icon Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

A State Park created to protect the natural environment – the coral reefs, marine life, the fauna and flora.


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