Lawmakers are preparing new legislation to rein in tech’s power

Tech giants have had largely unfettered growth for years, thanks to the way federal regulators have interpreted U.S. antitrust law. Now, the Justice Department is facing immense pressure to clamp down after past stumbles.

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Industry is starting to lower expectations for a robust recovery next year

Analysts, airlines and trade groups are warning that passenger traffic could be down as much as 50% compared with 2019 levels, at least for much of the year.

Market Data

Consumers become heavily distracted in the lead-up to an election

The fiscal uncertainty surrounding presidential elections, it turns out, can knock sales down by more than 30% compared to a normal year – costing some companies billions of dollars in lost revenues.

Also today

US: Hotel workers and CEOs furious with Congress for failing to help. Politicians do not feel a sense of urgency to spend trillions more because of the uneven nature of the recession.

Best Western CEO fears for the industry’s future: ‘It’s really bad.’ Waiting for Washington to approve another round of rescue funding for the U.S. economy is rough on David Kong, who as CEO of Best Western Hotels and Resorts is seeing the damage to his industry up close.

SF launches new ad campaign to jump-start hospitality industry. While San Francisco is optimistic that the ad campaign will generate hotel bookings and tourism dollars, the Hotel Council of San Francisco says it does not expect 2019 levels of bookings for another five years.

Top three trends redefining travel in 2021, according to Airbnb. In 2021, travel will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home.

Google appoints Amex GBT as sole global TMC. Google’s move from its previous travel agency, CWT, marks a shift toward a more tightly managed travel program for the company.

Expedia joins with UNWTO on plans to promote tourism recovery. The company has struck an agreement with the United Nations World Tourism Organization to share travel data and trends and help promote tourism recovery.

Vendor News & Views

How Triptease Meta is driving double the average booking volumes for hotels. Based on a recent study across 76 hotel chains globally, Triptease Meta has been consistently outperforming the average when it comes to revenue contribution.

gcommerce: Find near-term revenue in your drive markets. Few travelers want to get on an airplane, but in the next three months, 69% of travelers say they will drive up to two hours for vacation.


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