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When should employees return to the workplace post-pandemic? Which employees should return? What does a ‘return’ look like? Use the Gartner return-to-workplace guide to help you make these and other key decisions, craft a clear and intentional plan for returning employees to the workplace and smooth the transition for those who return.

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Bar graph displaying who will be involved in making the decision to return to the workplace by percentage.


Coronavirus pandemic, racial tensions, economic downturn, climate change. Join a cross-functional panel of Gartner experts and former C-level executives to discuss how and why the C-Suite must adapt to the new normal.

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Gartner ThinkCast: Are You Prepared for the Future of Work?

Workforce planning, employee performance and employee experience have all taken on a new meaning post COVID-19.

In this episode of Thinkcast, Heather Levy, Vice President of Content Marketing at Gartner has a conversation with Adriana Duque Hughes, Senior Director for Gartner’s HR practice to talk about the changes HR executives and employees are facing and how that trickles down to expectations. 

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