COVID-19 updates | Our company

We understand that people rely on their local post office. We are committed to serving Canadians while taking action to keep our people and our communities safe. We will continue to review and quickly adapt our approach with health and safety as our primary goal.

Post offices are open. In many post offices operated by Canada Post, we have reduced hours of service, opening one hour later and closing one hour earlier to clean, restock and provide some relief to employees. As well, for the first hour of each day, we offer priority service to those whom are at a higher risk (the elderly or people with compromised immune systems). Franchise operated post offices follow the measures put in place by franchise operators.

Social & Physical Distancing: We are asking waiting customers to please space themselves 2 metres (6 feet) apart. We are working on signage and floor decals for larger post offices. For smaller offices, we will look to limit the number of customers. We are also working on clear barriers for the counter to increase safety.

Transactions: We will continue to accept cash, but are encouraging customers to pay by using the β€œtap” function on their debit or credit cards where possible.


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