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How does HotelsCombined find lower hotel prices?

At HotelsCombined, we know that booking accommodation online isn’t easy, but we believe it should be. A simple search on HotelsCombined scans for prices on hundreds of travel sites in seconds. We find deals from across the web and put them in one place. Compare your options for the same Hotel, apartment or home and choose where you book—whether it’s directly with the hotel —or even from another travel site.

How does HotelsCombined help me find the best deals?

With one quick and easy search, we look for hotels and homes from across the best travel sites around the world in seconds. We gather all of the prices, availabilities and rooms for you, and give you the tools to filter and compare the best options for the same hotel or home so that you can easily choose and book the best deals. Best of all there is no extra fee from HotelsCombined!

How reliable are hotel reviews on HotelsCombined?

On HotelsCombined, all hotel and home reviews are written by verified guests. That means we have confirmation from each property that the reviewer has stayed there and is a real visitor.
We have gathered reviews from some of our top travel partners to ensure you get the most relevant and best reviews to help you make your booking decisions.

Can I create Price Alerts to track hotel prices on HotelsCombined?

Yes – once you have run a search on HotelsCombined you can create a price alert by switching the “Set Price Alert” toggle to ON. You will receive an email when the prices of the properties in your search drop by at least 10%.
You can also sign in and view or set Price Alerts on your account page. If you’re on our app, you can get to Price Alerts using the app’s navigation menu and follow instructions there.

Does HotelsCombined have an app?

We sure do! You can use the HotelsCombined app on most mobile and tablet devices. Download HotelsCombined Hotel Search on iOS or Android today!


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