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how can i go to Tianjin Binhai Library once in Beijing, How far is it from Beijing?

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The distance is around 170km.
Take bullet train from Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Railway Station first. The duration is around half an hour. Take subway line 9 to Civic Square Station, Exit A4. Then transfer to bus no.940 to Cultural Center. Walk southwest around 350 meters.

March 16-22 China Trip

I already have my flights, hotels, and Visa to travel to China from March 16 to March 22. I have a flight from Osaka to Shanghai, I stay two days there and then I’m planning by train to Beijing and stay two days there. I leave China on 20 from Beijing to South Korea.
My question is this. Do you think I will be better cancelling this trip with all the corona virus-related stuff? I mean, will I be able to take tours, go to the great wall, forbidden city, travel by train from Shanghai to Beijing by train?
I know you will probably not be sure about this, but I was wondering if you have more info than I do.

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Well, I am not sure that whether if the virus situation would become better at that time. You are suggested to keep close attention to the news.

Hi We are planning on visiting Beijing+Xi’An

Hi, a friend and I are planning on going to beijing and Xi’an. we have read that from february 2nd spring festival is over. does this apply to tourist places?are they (great wall, terracotta, forbidden city) open? (considering actual situation in China) Thanks

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Well, the reopening time of these scenic areas are not clear. Some news says that they will reopen on Feb.9th. But I am not sure.


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