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As we begin this journey together, I ask you to consider what God said to Joshua as he led the children of Israel toward the flooded Jordan river. He said; “Stay close to the Ark of the covenant because you have never been this way before.”

We can say the same thing about the moment we are living through right now. We too have never been this way before. Just as they had never walked through a flooded river while God held back the waters, we have never experienced mass isolations and self-quarantine. But we can be sure that the same God who held back the waters for His people then is still the protector and provider of His people today. Once they passed through to the other side, they were never the same. They went from “wilderness wanderers” to landowners. They ceased to be “manna gathers” to become “fruit harvesters”. Who knows, we could be in the middle of the same kind of transformation? This I do know, the same admonishment God gave to Joshua is still good for us; “Stay close to God and His word, go where you see Him go and do what His word says and you will come out the other side of this better off than when you started the journey.”

This website is designed and is being managed to help the church and her families go forward, with or without regular church services. Our hope and prayers are that God will use this website as one of His tools to take this difficult moment in our nation and turn it into one of the church’s finest hours!


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