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Budapest Travel Guide

The Best Thermal Baths in Budapest

What are the best Thermal Baths in Budapest? Gellért Bath – our recommendation Széchenyi Bath Király Thermal Bath Irgalmasok Veli Bej Thermal Bath Rudas Medicinal Thermal Bath Rác Bath Lukács Bath This list was provided…

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How much money you need to visit Budapest

Budapest’s tourism has been on the rise for years making more and more people around the World want to visit our beautiful capital. One of the most frequently asked questions is what budget they…

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Budapest with Kids? The Only Guide You Need + [Cheat Sheet]

Budapest is a really child-friendly place, but only if we are paying attention to some important details. This historical metropolis that is beloved by 4 million tourists each year, is a perfect choice for families…

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Best Street Food Budapest: Hungarian, Asian, Italian, Vegan and more

We all love an easy drop-by dinner, don’t we? Eating out doesn’t always mean posh restaurants and four course meals. On busy days, late after work, even later after a night out or simply…

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Why you should visit Budapest in September?

Budapest is a perfect place for holiday-makers for all the right reasons ranging from stunning sights and exciting attractions to events that bring people together from all over the World. Budapest also has a…

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The 6 Best Ruin Bars Budapest in 2019 +[Map]

It’s hard to think of a long weekend in Budapest without mentioning those ever famous ruin bars. In the long span of the city’s history, these pubs are just a blip in its historic…

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The ultimate list for the best restaurants in Budapest

Hungarians would tell you that there are only 3 essential styles of cooking: French, Chinese and Hungarian. This, of course, might be a unique opinion of the locals, however Hungarian cuisine has undoubtedly been…

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