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To support global research during the COVID-19 pandemic, AIP Publishing has made this collection of articles on infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics free to read.

Credit: CDC/ Hannah A Bullock; Azaibi Tamin. Transmission electron microscopic image of an isolate from the first U.S. case of COVID-19, formerly known as 2019-nCoV. The spherical viral particles, colorized blue, contain cross-sections through the viral genome, seen as black dots.

The latest novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and its resultant disease COVID-19, has reached pandemic status. Researchers in all fields, from medicine, chemistry, structural biology, and even physics, are hard at work to contain the outbreak. To aid researchers working on this important global issue, AIP Publishing has identified this collection of relevant research articles and made them free for the global research community to read.

These articles examine several aspects of infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics. The collection includes papers published in several AIP Publishing journals and AIP Conference Proceedings on topics including: computational methods spanning complex networks, evolutionary methodologies, random walk dynamics, mechanistic models, and more. The results report many interesting facets of disease spreading and control, including the effect of human behaviors, geographical network structures, and responsive immunization vaccine success.

Additional articles on COVID-19 and its impact on science and the community are available in Physics Today.


Article Title Journal Keywords
Strong correlations between power-law growth of COVID-19 in four continents and the inefficiency of soft quarantine strategies Chaos epidemic, disease control
Growing networks with communities: A distributive link model Chaos epidemic, outbreak
Modeling Epidemics with Dynamic Small-World Networks AIP Conference Proceedings epidemic threshold, infectious disease
Spatial Epidemic Modelling in Social Networks AIP Conference Proceedings epidemic
Self-organized criticality in human epidemiology AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation of Gas-particulate Flow around Breathing Human and Particulate Inhalation AIP Conference Proceedings SARS
Epidemiologic Insights into Stone Disease as a Systemic Disorder AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Correlations between structure and random walk dynamics in directed complex networks Applied Physics Letters disease spreading
Computational Evolutionary Methodology for Knowledge Discovery and Forecasting in Epidemiology and Medicine AIP Conference Proceedings pandemic
Influences of degree inhomogeneity on average path length and random walks in disassortative scale-free networks Journal of Mathematical Physics disease spreading
Reaction-Superdiffusion Systems in Epidemiology, an Application of Fractional Calculus AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Inactivation of H1N1 viruses exposed to acidic ozone water Applied Physics Letters pandemic
Accurate noise projection for reduced stochastic epidemic models Chaos stochastic epidemic model
Inhomogeneity of epidemic spreading Chaos epidemic
CFD Simulation of Spread Risks of Infectious Disease due to Interactive Wind and Ventilation Airflows via Window Openings in High-Rise Buildings AIP Conference Proceedings infectious disease
On the possible role of robustness in the evolution of infectious diseases Chaos infectious disease
Impact of degree heterogeneity on the behavior of trapping in Koch networks Chaos disease spreading
Optimal Conditions for the Control Problem Associated to a Biomedical Process AIP Conference Proceedings infectous disease
Epidemics Modelings: Some New Challenges AIP Conference Proceedings disease spreading
Adaptive mechanism between dynamical synchronization and epidemic behavior on complex networks Chaos epidemic, disease spreading
Parameter Estimation in Epidemiology: from Simple to Complex Dynamics AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Variability of contact process in complex networks Chaos disease spreading
The impact of awareness on epidemic spreading in networks Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic, infectious disease
Network extreme eigenvalue: From mutimodal to scale-free networks Chaos epidemic threshold
Epidemic variability in hierarchical geographical networks with human activity patterns Chaos pandemic
Describing dengue epidemics: Insights from simple mechanistic models AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Understanding the effect of vector dynamics in epidemic models using center manifold analysis AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
On nonstandard finite difference schemes in biosciences AIP Conference Proceedings epidemiology
Interplay between collective behavior and spreading dynamics on complex networks Chaos infectous disease
Effects of weak ties on epidemic predictability on community networks Chaos epidemic
Traffic-driven epidemic outbreak on complex networks: How long does it take? Chaos outbreak
Inhomogeneity of epidemic spreading with entropy-based infected clusters Chaos epidemic
Responsive immunization and intervention for infectious diseases in social networks Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic, infectious disease
Epidemic spreading in time-varying community networks Chaos epidemic, outbreak
Suppression of epidemic spreading in complex networks by local information based behavioral responses Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic, disease spreading
Estimating the epidemic threshold on networks by deterministic connections Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic
Effects of dynamic quarantine and nonlinear infection rate in a model for computer worms propagation AIP Conference Proceedings disease control
A model for HIV/AIDS pandemic with optimal control AIP Conference Proceedings pandemic
Numerical identification of epidemic thresholds for susceptible-infected-recovered model on finite-size networks Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic, outbreak
Interplay between the local information based behavioral responses and the epidemic spreading in complex networks Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic
The effect of randomness for dependency map on the robustness of interdependent lattices Chaos disease spreading
Local immunization program for susceptible-infected-recovered network epidemic model Chaos infectious disease, disease control
Dynamical transmission model of MERS-CoV in two areas AIP Conference Proceedings coronavirus, MERS, MERS-CoV
Epidemic spreading with activity-driven awareness diffusion on multiplex network Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic
Cooperative spreading processes in multiplex networks Chaos epidemic threshold, epidemic
Recovery rate affects the effective epidemic threshold with synchronous updating Chaos epidemic threshold, outbreak
Network inoculation: Heteroclinics and phase transitions in an epidemic model Chaos outbreak
Effects of quasiperiodic forcing in epidemic models Chaos epidemic
The impact of vaccine success and awareness on epidemic dynamics Chaos epidemic threshold
More Models of Infection: It’s Epidemic Computing in Science and Engineering epidemic
Computational Epidemiology Computing in Science and Engineering epidemiology
Computational model of a vector-mediated epidemic American Journal of Physics epidemiology
On coughing and airborne droplet transmission to humans Physics of Fluids diseases and conditions, aerosols, fluid dynamics, multiphase flows
Asymptotic estimates of SARS-CoV-2 infection counts and their sensitivity to stochastic perturbation  Chaos epidemiology, viruses, diseases and conditions, modeling
Topological analysis of SARS CoV-2 main protease Chaos protein structure, topological analysis, antiviral drugs
Likelihood of survival of coronavirus in a respiratory droplet deposited on a solid surface Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, droplets, virus transmission
Can a toilet promote virus transmission? From a fluid dynamics perspective Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, diseases and conditions
On respiratory droplets and face masks Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, diseases and conditions
Visualizing the effectiveness of face masks in obstructing respiratory jets Physics of Fluids cloud and fog physics, aerosols, diseases and conditions, fluid jets, pathogens
Modeling the role of respiratory droplets in Covid-19 type pandemics Physics of Fluids fluid jets, diseases and conditions, aerosols, droplet physics
Cluster-based dual evolution for multivariate time series: Analyzing COVID-19 Chaos time series analysis, epidemiology, diseases and conditions, computer simulation
Sneezing and asymptomatic virus transmission Physics of Fluids aerosols, epidemics, computational fluid dynamics, diseases and conditions
Dynamic interplay between social distancing duration and intensity in reducing COVID-19 US hospitalizations: A “law of diminishing returns” Chaos epidemic modeling, diseases and conditions
A predictive model of the temperature-dependent inactivation of coronaviruses Applied Physics Letters modeling and thermal inactivation
Effects of gravity and surface tension on steady microbubble propagation in asymmetric bifurcating airways Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
Tailoring surface wettability to reduce chances of infection of COVID-19 by a respiratory droplet and to improve the effectiveness of personal protection equipment Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
The dispersion of spherical droplets in source–sink flows and their relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
Numerical modeling of the distribution of virus carrying saliva droplets during sneeze and cough Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
Transport and fate of human expiratory droplets—A modeling approach Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
Virus transmission from urinals Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, virus transmission
Particle modeling of the spreading of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, epidemics, diseases and conditions
Reopening dentistry after COVID-19: Complete suppression of aerosolization in dental procedures by viscoelastic Medusa Gorgo Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, imaging, diseases and conditions
Universal trends in human cough airflows at large distances Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, imaging, diseases and conditions
Visualizing droplet dispersal for face shields and masks with exhalation valves Physics of Fluids aerosols, diseases and conditions, fluid dynamics
Breakup morphology of expelled respiratory liquid: From the perspective of hydrodynamic instabilities Physics of Fluids flow instabilities, diseases and conditions, fluid dynamics
Assessment of proton-coupled conformational dynamics of SARS and MERS coronavirus papain-like proteases: Implication for designing broad-spectrum antiviral inhibitors Journal of Chemical Physics Antiviral drugs
Engineering photonics solutions for COVID-19 APL Photonics photonics, biosensors, diagnostic technologies, disinfection technologies
Recharging and rejuvenation of decontaminated N95 masks Physics of Fluids diseases and conditions, aerosols, electrostatics
Weather impact on airborne coronavirus survival Physics of Fluids computational fluid dynamics, viruses, diseases and conditions
Transmission of airborne virus through sneezed and coughed droplets Physics of Fluids fluid dynamics, droplets, diseases and conditions
Enhancing sensitivity of lateral flow assay with application to SARS-CoV-2 Applied Physics Letters diagnostic technologies, antibody tests, lateral flow assays
Power-law distribution in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases Chaos epidemiology, diseases and conditions, mathematical modeling
COVID-19 in the United States: Trajectories and second surge behavior Chaos epidemiology, diseases and conditions, time series analysis



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