Green Hotels are environmentally-friendly properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste—while saving money—to help PROTECT OUR ONE AND ONLY EARTH!

WHO WE ARE: Green Hotels Association®’s purpose is to bring together hotels interested in environmental issues.

From adding “Drinking water served on request only” to the menu to installing new HVAC systems, and with every measure in between, Green Hotels Association® encourages, promotes and supports the greening of the lodging industry.

HOW WE HELP: General managers, chief engineers and executive housekeepers do not have the time to search out all the environmentally-friendly water saving, energy saving and solid waste reducing ideas that apply to the hospitality industry. So, Green Hotels Association® has dedicated itself to that purpose. On joining, members receive the very comprehensive 161-page Guidelines and Ideas packed with great ideas options and techniques revealing how to reduce bills as well as the hotel’s impact on your beautiful destination.

For over twenty-five years Green Hotels Association® has been offering TOWEL RACK HANGERs and SHEET CHANGING CARDs which ask guests to consider using their linens more than once. These gentle reminders, now found in thousands of hotel guest bathrooms, can save 5% on utilities* alone. At least 70% of guests can be expected to participate*.

From B&Bs to Submarines: Chains from Adam’s Mark to Wyndham are purchasing. B&Bs, inns, motels, hotels, city parks, state parks, military locations, elegant hotels, resorts, business hotels, condos, apartments and even a submarine company have all purchased. Some hotel companies choose to make the cards mandatory. The linen cards get guests involved in your environmental program, and guests love helping protect the beautiful destinations we all love to visit.

The GREEN CATALOG: Green Hotels Association® researched environmentally-friendly energy and water-saving products, and chose the best of the choices for hotels for our CATALOG OF ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS FOR THE LODGING INDUSTRY. The catalog contains such water-saving devices as a toilet-tank fill diverter, which saves about 3/4 gallon of water per flush, is invisible to the guest, does not affect the flush in any way, and costs little more than $1! Hair and skin care dispensers save money and offer guests shampoo and soap at the push of a button. The guestroom recycler basket is a beautiful, sturdy open-diamond pattern, and is designed for long service.

MEMBERSHIP: We urge all hoteliers interested in our environment to take advantage of GREEN HOTELS ASSOCIATION® MEMBERSHIP immediately. Members receive the very comprehensive 161-page Guidelines and Ideas packed with great ideas, options and techniques revealing how to reduce bills as well as reduce the hotel’s impact on your destination. Other benefits include our bi-monthly Greening Newsletter packed with smart, practical ideas, heavy media attention, an Internet listing and public identification as a Green Hotel via pole and front desk flags. Hotels can join for as little as $200 + $1 for each guestroom! The fee includes your logo or photo posted with your web listing. We welcome worldwide membership. For further information contact us TODAY!

PHONE 713/789-8889, FAX 713/789-9786, e-mail: green@greenhotels.com



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