The Baywoods

A new 10 Unit hotel to be built in Barbados Requesting Funds For Construction and Opperations

About Us

We are seeking funding for a new 10 Unit Hotel

water, summer, resort

The Goal to provide a vacation stay for disadvantaged persons

We want to give persons who have been affected by C-19 loses for any reason a week to just recover.

If you lost a family member or your business and just want to reflect on your next activate in life and want to spend some time in one of the ten suits we want to provide just the place for you to stay.


Providing A Peaceful Place To Meditate  

Home Brewery

Coffee Bar


Room Service

24x7 Reception

Car Rental

Hair Dryer

Secure Wi-Fi




Swimming Pool

Wellness Spa

Fine Dining

In-house Bar

Banquet Hall

Product Pre-sale

You can book one of the rooms at 299.00 US$ a night. We would have 3,650 bookings avaible kindly book as many so we can complte the project. Thanks


Choice Of Rooms
$ 99 / Night

Single Room

 A room assigned to one person. May have one or more beds.

$ 125 / Night

Double Room

 A room assigned to two people. May have one or more beds.


$ 175 / Night

Twin Room:

Accommodates two persons with two twin beds joined together 


$ 200 / Night


Open kitchens, cooking equipment, dryer, washer  available in the room. 


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    View Our Building Plans

    You can view a copy of our to be built building plans by clicking the link below.

    PDF File